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The Night of Champions – Final broadcast

The match itself is OK, but the gimmick prevents it from being anything better. Psicosis, Silver King, & La Parka (12/22/97) – ** 3/4 The lucha style trios match is one of my favorite match types, and this match is a lot of fun. Along with the WWF's Monday Night Raw, Nitro was a brilliant programme.Along the way we had the big guns such as Hulk Hogan, Sting and Ric Flair but the great thing about Nitro was the way it highlighted some of the undercard wrestlers such as Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr.Nitro was a very unpredictable programme for a long while.

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Some key players, like , would eventually accept contract buy-outs to take the smaller contracts offered by the WWF/E. ABOUT US Q’S & A’S ASKMEFAST ON FACEBOOK Like us to stay up to date with the AskMeFast community and connect with other members. I just got “The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro” at a local Kmart today and I gotta say that WWE Home Video did a wonderful job putting together the best matches and segments in the history of WCW Monday Nitro.

WCW Monday Nitro

The same one that Kidman uses, and that I often call a “split-legged spinebuster”? This meant that if you were kicking the crap out of you opponent (computer only), occasionally there would be a surprise attack. Paul Orndorff and Roddy Piper, Intercontinental Champion Greg Valentine vs. Unfortunately, nothing reaches the “great match” level that I felt was reached by one match over on the first volume of the set (the Sting Vs. Flair says Eddy is in the hospital with a broken leg.

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As for Malone and DDP being on their way to the building, it was obvious to most in attendance that that segment was filmed last night when the are around the arena was fairly open. Unfortunately, Nitro can’t use this excuse because of its terrible 2D-fighter-esque gameplay.

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Jericho says that the records books say that Jericho has beaten Saturn twice, fairly and squarely. The use of split screen to show what is going on with both members of the tag team makes the match very difficult to follow, so there isn’t any type of coherent story leading to the finish. At one point, Eric Bischoff challenged Vince McMahon to face him in a match to be held at .

A wrestling trip down memory lane.

Fans had a negative reaction to the direction Russo was bringing the show in and it was reflected in the low ratings for the program. This led to a discussion of Kevin Nash and the pending Nitro in town. Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron …  » With a year of frustration with The Authority, Daniel Bryan seeks to win it all on the grandest stage of them all, Bray Wyatt looks to get into John Cena’s head and Brock Lesnar does the unthinkable.

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Weekly sports show, with frequent commentary, interviews, side plots and hype. But great in-ring wrestling and entertainment value aren’t always the same thing, and in this case, I still thoroughly enjoyed the Blu-ray. So now you know who is wrestling and how they can wrestle but you still don’t know how the actual wrestling feels. Since I am not, I found it fun for a bit but tired of it fairly soon.


For instance, Wildcat Willy is almost booed out of the building until he whips out a University of Tennessee flag inciting a monster pop. Lex Luger (9/11/95) – * Way too short to mean anything, but we do get an appearance from the Dungeon of Doom at the end! The final edition of WCW Monday Nitro which aired on March 26, from Panama City Beach, Florida, was dubbed “The Night of Champions”.

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It has been brought to our attention that Hunter Hearst Helmsley attended college prior to wrestling and we were hoping one of the readers might know where. Scott Steiner turned on Rick Steiner at SuperBrawl VIII (2/22/98).

WWE Get in the ring and Raise Some Hell with WWE The undisputed champion of wrestling games returns with the biggest roster in WWE games history and

Sign that you’re getting old – you watch VH-1, and find that you prefer it vastly to MTV because it actually plays freakin’ videos. Nitro continued to beat Raw for 84 consecutive weeks, forcing WWF owner to .

The Night of Champions – Final broadcast [ edit]

Kevin Nash & Sid Vicious & Rick Steiner 9th August, 1999 Billy Kidman vs. The camera would zoom back and you would see somebody running down the ramp and jump in the ring and start beating on you. Diamond Dallas Page (3/23/98) – *** Sting and DDP have really great chemistry, and this match is structured very well.